HMAS KING Quad Motor Autonomous Arduino Boat

The unique HMAS King’s retro catamaran design will blow other electric speed boats out of the water. With its finely tuned driving software, this racing boat makes use of dual thrust propellers, powered by one 11.1V LiPo battery. Combined with its rotational propellers, this hydroplane autonomous boat is both powerful and precise. The HMAS King comes with a professional high capacity rechargeable battery for longer fun on the water. Only quality parts are used on King Inc products and customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Price: $110.00 + shipping


Unique triple hull to help handle choppy waters.
Quad Brushed Motors for advanced steering and propulsion. 
Autonomous Course Correction
Obstacle Sensing Triggered Turning

Boat Details

Length: 345mm.
Width: 325mm.
Height: 152mm.
Motors: Quad Brushed High RPM Motors
Power System: 3S1P Cell 11.1V LiPo Battery
Control: Autonomous control by Arduino Nano.
Heading Sensor: Magnometer Compass
Object Sensor: Infrared Sensor

Retail Package Contents
•	HMAS KING Quad Motor Autonomous Arduino Boat.
•	11.1V LiPo Battery and Charger.
•	User Manual.
•	QuickStart Guide

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